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SOLD - Ovoid bee jug

Antique cobalt decorated ovoid stoneware jug bees Antique cobalt decorated ovoid stoneware jug bees


A large 19th century blue decorated ovoid stoneware jug with bee decoration.  Lots of heavy patina in the area of the handle and the top - please also notice flaking of the glaze in this area on the spout (pictured).  The jug measures approximately 16-1/4" tall.  Condition issues include five surface chips, the largest of which is on the front, just left of center near the top and measures approximately 1-1/2" by 1-3/8".  Other surface chips appear on the front bottom (about 1-1/4" in width and 3/4" in width) and on the back about mid-way down (1" and 1/2").  There are also five smaller chips to the very bottom edge of the piece, the largest of which measures approximately 1-1/8" in width.  It is difficult to see because of the dark color of the jug, but here is a tight hairline which begins at the top and extends downward about 3-1/4".  There are also some small holes - most notably two toward the bottom left of center on the side.  There are also a couple areas of heavy wear to the glaze, and the typical tiny glaze skips and other minor imperfections.  The bottom of the jug is covered in green felt (therefore we cannot speak to any hairlines which may be on the bottom), and there is a cork in the top with the top broken off - we acquired it this way and have not tried to get it out.  There is even something inside the crock -  we believe this jug was probably converted into a lamp at one time (hence the holes).  We do not know the maker or region of origin but believe it may be a New York piece.

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