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SOLD: A heavily carved marriage chest dated 1733

Antique 18th century marriage blanket chest carved Antique 18th century marriage blanket chest carved

SOLD: A large 18th century marriage chest, ornately carved and dated "1733" with pegged construction.  The measurements are approximately 27" tall, just shy of 58" wide at the widest point (which is the bottom), and 28" deep at the deepest point (which is the bottom).  Though the European influence is apparent, we really do not know the region of origin or the maker of this piece.  There is a decorative carved block of wood which has been lost (front upper left corner as you face the piece).  The inner till box inside the chest has also been lost.  The piece of wood composing the top of the chest has split, as have the hinges (please see photos).  The locking hardware and mechanism has also been removed.  The pegs holding the lid together are a bit loose, so the lid should be lifted with care.  This is an antique piece of furniture which is almost 300 years old, so there are dings, scratches, and other imperfections which are visible upon close inspection.

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